About Our Founder

Ashley Smalley is the Founder of Smalley Consulting, a Human Resources consulting firm focused on building unity one team at a time. Her passion is for people to enjoy their work because they enjoy the people with whom they work, and she accomplishes this with her talent for dedicated leadership and tailored people development strategies. 

Ashley is a certified human resources professional, a trusted consultant, and an adept facilitator in the workplace culture sphere. Her eclectic work experience from retail, local government, oil and gas, and the local church has given her a unique perspective on people in the workplace, regardless of industry. She uses that perspective to bring practical teaching that can be utilized immediately. 

Ashley is a facilitator, keynote speaker, unity advocate, and lover of people. She has graced national platforms at businesses, service organizations, churches, and educational institutions, equipping them with the essential skills they need to foster unity within their teams. 

Ashley is also the Family Enrichment Coordinator for First Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Texas, where she leads the women’s and marriage ministry teams. Her focus there is developing leaders in the church so that ministry can be multiplied.

 She is married to her high school sweetheart. Together they live with their two incredible daughters – one who loves rules and one who loves to ignore all the rules – in an incredibly loud house.

 Ashley Smalley’s ultimate mission is to transform workplaces into unified organizations where productivity and employee satisfaction thrive. One team at a time.