Team Development Topics


Unity on a team is crucial if a team is going to reach its goals and enjoy its work. Unity starts with how we use the incredible influence we have on those around us. This message dives deep into practical ways to use that influence to unite rather than divide. It includes things like:

  • Using patience and humility with teammates
  • Working to be a complement rather than a competitor
  • Addressing conflict in a way that makes the team stronger
  • And so much more!

Regardless of your team’s goals, this practical training will get you headed toward unity today!


Leadership will make or break a team. Poor or underdeveloped leadership can result in division, under-performance, and a workplace culture that falls woefully short of the mark. By contrast, a great leader will be a source of unity and a person who values the worth of their team members. This session focuses on three practical ways to lead a team toward unity. They include:

  • Exhibiting genuine care for employees
  • Developing a consistency of character that enables trust to flourish
  • Creating a clarity of purpose that inspires employees

In this session, participants will learn these principles and be given encouragement to execute them well. 


Connection on a team is critical to the success and enjoyment of the team members. Communication will make or break that connection. The way we communicate is so much more than written, verbal, non-verbal, and visual. The way we communicate will dictate how connected a team feels.

This training will provide:

  • A foundation for the importance of connection on a team
  • Six practical ways to communicate that will draw a team together
  • Encouragement to use these methods to build connection on the team


Every team will inevitably encounter conflict. However, it’s the approach towards resolving these conflicts that sets successful teams apart. Handled with respect and understanding, conflict can transform a group of individuals into a cohesive, more efficient team. Our webinar is designed to empower team members to take a proactive approach, using their influence to navigate and resolve conflicts as they occur in the workplace.

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Deep Dive into the Roots of Conflict: Understand the common triggers that give rise to disagreements and tensions in a professional setting.
  • Distinguishing Conflict Types: Not all conflicts are detrimental. Recognize the differences between constructive (healthy) conflict, which can foster innovation and growth, and destructive (unhealthy) conflict, which can impede progress and damage team dynamics.
  • Practical Resolution Techniques: Go beyond theory with actionable strategies for effective conflict resolution. Equip yourself with tools to engage in productive conversations and find common ground.


Servant leadership runs counter to the mindset of many managers who believe their employees are under their command and control. A servant leader focuses first on the growth and well-being of their employees, as a means of achieving success for customers, shareholders, and themselves. Organizations with a servant leadership culture believe that if employees are cared for and put first, loyalty will result, retention will improve, and customers will be better served. 

In this session, participants will learn about the role they play in creating a servant leadership culture and practical ways to serve their teams.


Everyone was born with natural learning strengths that define the way we work, but those strengths can create conflict with others who have different strengths. Understanding our learning strengths and those of others can make a world of difference when it comes to the way we perceive and interact with others, reducing conflict and improving productivity.

This workshop will help participants:

  • Learn to recognize and appreciate their own strengths and those of others
  • Gain confidence to use strengths to achieve success and maximize potential
  • Establish trust and rapport with co-workers
  • Reduce conflict and build strong, positive relationships

Would it make a difference in your relationships if you knew your co-workers weren’t trying to get on your nerves? This workshop will bring that to light and so much more!


Sexual harassment in the workplace will destroy an organization’s culture from the inside out. This training session designed for every person on the team will not only meet the HR best practice for annual training but will dive beyond the legal ramifications of sexual harassment in the workplace, personalizing this type of demoralizing behavior and empowering participants to use their influence to stop harassment in its tracks.


Solid leadership is critical in order for an organization to reach its full potential. Mid-level managers, in particular, can make or break a company. This training lays a foundation for leadership that enables leaders to build trust, rapport, and connection with their employees while still representing the organization well.

Leaders will learn these skills:

  • Showing genuine care
  • Developing a consistent character
  • Offering a clarity of purpose
  • Valuing coaching over simply correcting
  • Championing the organization